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Mani Wizard, Wizard of Mani

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Here's my latest action figure, a Mani Wizard enemy from the video game Final Fantasy V.

SNES game sprite, for comparison purposes:

Completed Figure Photos:

Accessories Detail:

Webpage with more info:


(Mani Wizard) Kleenex, newsprint, thin cardboard from a cereal box, synthetic hair from a toy doll head, white/hot glue, wire twist ties (both plastic and paper coated varieties), acrylic paint, ink, and marker.

(Wizard's Cap) Newsprint, a pom pom ball, white/hot glue, and acrylic paint.

(Bomb-Burst Rod) Newsprint, white computer printer paper, wire from a twist tie, thin cardboard from a cereal box, white/hot glue, and acrylic paint.

(Potion) Newsprint, thin cardboard from a cereal box, a segment from a wooden toothpick, white/hot glue, a wire twist tie, and acrylic paint.

(Guide To Black Magic Book) White drawing paper, black colored paper, white/hot glue, marker, ink, colored pencil, and graphite pencil.

(Bag of $30 in Gil) Plastic Clingwrap, thin cardboard from a cereal box, newsprint, foil candy packaging, and white/hot glue.

(*The numbers given are for the figure positioned standing straight, arms at its' sides, and without any accessories attached. Depending on how the articulated limbs are positioned and whether the accessories are attached or not, the dimensions of this figure will vary. For example, the Wizard's Cap adds about two more inches to the figure's height when worn.)
22.5 cm/8.9 in. x 7.3 cm/2.9 in. (highest point x widest point)
Twenty-five points. The neck has two joints: The first, where the neck connects to the base of the skull, moves in any direction; the second, where the neck joins the body, rotates and moves forwards and backwards. The arms have eight joints each, for a total of sixteen: They rotate and move inwards and outwards at the shoulders; rotate and bend forward and back at the elbows; rotate and bend at the wrists; and each finger bends forward and backwards where it joins the hand. The waist rotates. The legs have three joints each, for a total of six points: The hips rotate and move inwards and outwards; the knees rotate and bend backwards and forwards; and the ankles can move in any direction.
Approximately nine days. Construction ran from 4/28/07 to 5/7/07. I began working on this figure the 28th, making and painting the head. The next day, the 29th, I glued on the hair, touched up the head's paint a bit, and constructed and completed the Wizard's Cap accessory. I didn't do any work on this figure on the last day of April, the 30th. On the 1st of May, I made the upper body and neck and attached them together, as well as joining the head to the neck. I also touched up the paint on the eyeballs a bit. The lower body/waist and hands were created on the 2nd of May. I made the arms, attached the hands to them, and then joined these completed upper limbs to the body, on the 3rd. The feet and lower legs were constructed on the 4th and joined at the ankles. On the 5th, I made the upper legs and connected them to the lower legs and waist, and then all of that to the upper body, finally completing the Mani Wizard figure. I also created the Bomb-Blast Rod accessory that day. The Bag of $30 in Gil, Potion, and text pages of the Guide To Black Magic Book were made on the 6th. On the final day, the 7th, I drew the illustration pages and made the cover for the book, and then assembled it, completing the last accessory.

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excellent figure. I love the head. the wrinkles, the liverspots, the smirk and the doll hair are just fantastic. I love the "guide to black magic" book. the illustrations on the pages are sweet and the little black mage on the cover is a nice touch, as is the bomb on the magic rod. very sweet work. keep 'em coming.

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EDIT: There are two counting errors on the 'accessory details' picture collage: (1) The spell book has 52 pages, not 48, and (2) there are 18 spells pictured, not 16. I apparently need to return to kindergarten to master counting again . . . Anyway, the text on the image is corrected on the Mani Wizard webpage, but the photos posted here will retain the errors, namely because I'm too lazy to cut the edited picture in half and upload the two pieces to Photobucket again (I have to half larger images, 'cuz Photobucket, the service I use for remote image linking, automatically resizes them when they get too big).

Initially, I was planning on sticking a Cacodemon on the top of his rod instead of the Bomb (I even had a neat-o name for it--'Rod of Caco Daemus'), but I decided I'd better stick closer to the source material and went with a FF critter instead of a Doom one.

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MmM said:

'Rod of Caco Daemus'

that sounds pretty cool. could use that as a name for a weapons mod for either doom or heretic/hexen.

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Cool indeed, I enjoyed looking at that guid to black magic.

The figure is a little creepy looking but it's excellent work none the less.

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