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[May 17] Acidic - 1.1 Done [Fixed]

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the second and third screenshot look a bit messed up,this can be fixed by moving the stacked lower sector farther away from the map and placing the stacked sector thing in the same relative positions in the sectors,but indeed it looks nice

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that looks better,although i think the stacked sector things are a bit mispositioned. Look at the screenshots to see what I mean:

Here you can see the overall layout,with the containing sector marked red and the stacked lower sector marked yellow. Notice the distance between the two,which I made to avoid rendering other level architecture into the upper sector.

This is a zoomed in view on the containing sector. The stacked upper thing has been placed directly to the wall (marked in red)

This is zoomed in view on the stacked lower sector. Notice how the stacked lower thing has been placed at the very same position as the stacked upper thing in the containing sector (marked yellow)

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I moved the lower sector farther away, so now you can't see the soulsphere. The things are placed in the exact same place. I have snap to grid on, and they're in the same position.

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