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Do you know about a tutorial on using costom textures?

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Searcher said:

These are all excellent.


searching the editing forums is also helpful if you want to do something with a specific editing tool like XWE, DeepSea, DB or others. Some editors themselves have tutorials and help files that will help to spell it out.

That tought my allot but it said nothing about creating textures.

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download the free version of deepsea and do the intereactive (at least it used to be) tutorial for creating textures. If the tutorial is not on there anymore the help files are good with that program.


Once you finish them use deepsea or xwe or your editor of choice to save them to your file.

The subject has been covered many times in the Wads forum, editing forums and some in the forums for the individual editors.

Search the forums for "create custom textures"

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Some quick tips:

textures in DOOM are made up of "wall patches", and in fact almost no editor has a direct "load bitmap as texture" funtion, but they load all user-defined bitmaps as WALL PATCHES to be later combined into WALL TEXTURES.

Basically, WALL PATCHES just several bitmaps with or without transparency that you manually tile or overlap to create different WALL TEXTURES.

E.g. a switch may appear on several different wall backgrounds, because it's actually a smaller bitmap (the switch) "patched" upon several walls. The combination of two or more wall patches makes a wall texture.

Of course, there are situations where you want a wall made up from a single patch: no problem, just use a single patch instead of two, it will work.

Because of this flexibility, the "1 PATCH, 1 WALL" function is never combined in one step: the patch must remain available for other textures to use, and you can even load a patch and not use it.

Edit: WinTex and XWE have texture editors that will let you combine/stack different wall patches to form/edit a texture.
Floor textures are different: they are called "FLATS" and are used "directly", so to speak, without combining and patches. The limitation is that they can only be 64*64 pixels in size. In general, you cannot use FLATS as PATCHES nor viceversa. If you can, it's usually port-specific and it's better avoided.

BTW, under vanilla DOOM patches have a maximum size of 256*128 pixels, while textures can be 1024*128 pixels (width * height)

These are the very basics about textures, flats and patches. There are other aspects like transparency or animation, but you can skip those for now. Oh and ofc remember custom textures are by definition limited to 256 color, in the One True Doom Palette. There are ways to change the COLOPMAP or PLAYPAL in vanilla, or use certain ports that support truecolor textures, but they have much limited compatibility and different limitations.

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Maes said:

and in fact almost no editor has a direct "load bitmap as texture" funtion,

In general, you cannot use FLATS as PATCHES nor viceversa.

Try DeepSea. It can automatically create wall textures from interface graphics (which aren't patches already), flats, and bitmaps. These are three "AUTO" commands within the Lump Menu which is ran somewhere at the right of the top toolbar.

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