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Me and Mentos have worked on this project for some time now. Originally planned for 32 maps, we decided to release it at 12 since mapping got boring.

These are 12 dueling maps for Skulltag. Sure you could deathmatch in them if you want, but they were designed for only two players.

MAP01: Rockslide, by Mentos
MAP02: Magmic Spiral, by DJShrimpy
MAP03: Death Remake, by Mentos
MAP04: Brackenyard, by Mentos
MAP05: Hall of Menilkir, by DJShrimpy
MAP06: Brighter Crucible, by DJShrimpy
MAP07: The Buckshot Sector, by DJShrimpy
MAP08: The Storefront, by DJShrimpy
MAP09: Courtyard, by Mentos
MAP10: Sector 04, by Mentos
MAP11: Yerevan Grotto, by DJShrimpy
MAP12: Containment, by Mentos


(Skulltag 97C required)

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OFF-TOPIC: You know what? I just had an idea come to me. What if people made small duel levels where they resembled that of original doom and doom 2 maps. That would be an interesting mapset.

ON-TOPIC: Nice looking duel maps, too bad you couldn't make the full 32 maps. Some of the screens look good, but I'm not good at dueling so I don't think this will be for me :(.

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