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ChocoloateDoom and MinGW32

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Hi Guys,

In case anyone is interested - last night I slapped together a simple makefile to build ChocolateDoom under MinGW32.

I've still got to add the setup executable, clean it up a bit, create intermediate libraries and object directories etc, but it works. Hopefully I'll get the time to do this today or tomorrow.

I guess I'll be able to submit it to the ChocolateDoom project via their sourceforge page?!?

A question on ChocolateDoom:

I haven't had a chance to look at the source too much yet - does anyone know off-hand if there are #defines or equivalent in the source to disable/exclude the networking and/or sound capabilities? I'd like to create a port that doesn't require SDL_net or SDL_mixer.


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I've seen another post that mentions FEATURE_MULTIPLAYER - undefining that is not sufficient - there's still a reliance on SDL_net.

Cycloid - it looks like you`ve done this on your Amiga port - care to share what bits you had to surround with #NET_NONE?


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To answer my own question and for the benefit of those reading this post 100 years from now and looking for the answer...

Simon (Fraggle) has updated the SVN repository, fixing FEATURE_MULTIPLAYER and adding FEATURE_SOUND.

Thanks again Simon!

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