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trouble running hr1all demo

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I was Digging thru some old demos on my system and found hr1all.lmp by Yonatan Donner. Ep 1 max movie of HR.wad. I thought it would be fun to watch that one.

It desyncs in the opening moments of the demo on my system on the following .exe:
prboom plus 248
prboom 247
doom2 (final)

v. 1.9 according to the txt file.

Any thoughts? as to what I need, -spechit number maybe? -spechit 2230937832 does not seem to work.

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OK, thank you gentlemen. I guess I should have done a little more research on my own but just got a little frustrated after trying the other ports. I had forgotten about the pre-release of HR.wad so it never entered my mind. That should do it.

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