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I made a doom related music video

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That's right! I made a music video.

As you might know I like making animations. So I decided to compile a music video from them.
Most of the footage is recorded in ZDoom making the video doom related.

check it out here:
Music is made by a friend who calls himself Alfonso Dubois. ("space is green" is my artist name btw).

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While I like the shots you have, it gets a little old when you repeat them over and over. But, again, the ones you do have are quite cool. (maybe with the exception of the different colored ones, the gray/white is a good scheme)

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Why aren't trippy textures like that use ever in the .wads I've played? I used to use the animated textures like those in the DukeNukem 3D maps I've made; I thought psychedelic nature of the rooms helped make the player feel disconnected from reality at times, and thus made up-coming sectors more scary.

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