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Update DelphiDoom source port

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EDIT: Updated to version 0.4.225 (29 May 2007)

I haven't worked for a long time to my DelphiDoom project but recendly I've
managed to find some time, so I've updated my port to version 0.3.213.

Lot of fixes:

-Fixed weapon positioning.
-Fixed lighttable calculation.
-Fixed demo recording and playback.
-Fixed doom2 end bug.
-Fixed the "endless" ironfeet bug .

Other new features:

-Added -compatibilitymode and -nocompatibilitymode cmd parameters for old compatibility mode
-compatibilitymode -> Behaves as the original Doom (as possible)
-nocompatibilitymode -> Use some new features
-If you have the chainsaw you can now change back to fist by pressing "1". Use -compatibilitymode to suspend this.
-Option -mainwad from the command line to specify main wad file.
-Look up and down with z-axis shift.
-Added -nozaxisshift parameter to prevent z-axis shift.
-Added -zaxisshift parameter to force z-axis shift.
-Added PRINT SCREEN button for screenshot, also creates up to 1000 screenshots.
-Partial compatible with old game engine demos


Download version 0.3.213 (Execurable and source code - ~616KB)

Download version 0.4.225 (Execurable and source code - ~606KB)

If you test it and find any bugs, or you have ideas of improvement please let me know.
I'd also like some download links to some really big PWADS (maps) for testing.

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Doom in Delphi? Very interesting.

Now if we could get a Visual Basic port that would blow me away!

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Sometimes game crashes (during playing with game menu)
Music routine is incorrect
Demos goes out of sync
LOW detail looks very ugly
Some switch textures won't changes after activating

But it works! :)

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I couldn't get the mouse to work either, and the same with demo playback. This is in XP.

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Two bugs I noticed quickly:

A) The SSG sounds wrong, like in DOSDoom and WinDoom. If I remember correctly, fraggle recently explained this is when the engine tries to play 22050 Hz lumps with a sample rate of 11025. There are 2 or 3 higher rate sound lumps in the IWADs.

B) Visual scaling isn't right, and thus the monsters and things look squat. DOOM's pixels have a different ratio from Window's, being taller. Check PrBoom, ZDoom or other currently supported engines for how corrected sprites can look under Windows compatible resolutions.

Grazza said:
and the same with demo playback.

The solution here is to either guarantee a good degree of compatibility (like in Chocolate Doom), or go for mere intro demo compatibility, and assign a new (unused) version number for the engine's own demos.

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Updated to Version 0.4 build 225 - (29/5/2007)

Programming Issues:

1. The source code now compiles also with FPC version 2.1.4. Some rendering problems with Free Pascal Compiler are corrected.
2. Changed cheat code to ate the keypress event if in cheat pending state. Now Allows usage of all keys for gameplay.


1. Fixed the sky texture bug. Now displays the correct sky texture depending on the episode.
2. Fixed the change music cheat bug in shareware version, now does not change the music if music number is invalid.
3. Fixed mouse support. (Use mouse to look arround like Quake, Doom3)
4. Fixed joystick support.
5. Fixed bug with unchanged textures in switches in Retail version.
6. Fixed status bar drawing from older game versions. Now works with ancient version 0.99 shareware IWAD.


1. Look left and right unsing [HOME] and [PAGE UP] keys.
2. You can now jump using the 'a' key. (use -compatibilitymode parameter to suspend this)
3. The god mode cheat after the player's death reborns the player.
4. No more mono audio, now supports 2 channels STEREO sound.
5. Increased maximum numbers of visible sprites from 128 to 1024.
6. Increased MAXDRAWSEGS from 1024 to 2048 (originally 256)
7. Increased MAXPLATS from 30 to 512.
8. Increased MAXLINEANIMS from 64 to 1024.
9. Increased SAVEGAMESIZE from $2C000 to $80000
10. Added -mouse, -nomouse, -joystick and -nojoystick command line parameters.
11. Maximum external wad files increased from 20 to 64
12. If there is not any known wad file in the current path tries to find one and load it. For example can be used with freedoom.wad without specifing -mainwad command line parameter.
13. Default starting resolution is now 800x600.
14. Supports up to 12 button joystick.

Download version 0.4.225 (Execurable and source code - ~606KB)

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