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i want to make a long bridge!

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I want to make a long long long bridge and i want a doublebarreled-shotgun at the middle, then in the linedefs, i would want one mancubus at begining of the bridge, and one at the end, but should i have to make the "addon" sector a smaller box than usellal?(not to mention i should have a shotgunshell pack close around the SSG so then the line def triggers two mancubis to come to teleporter, but almost allways, they follow in your derection, and maybe the teleporter might be on the other side...(it gets really annoying how you have to wait...)) So can i get all these answered quickly?

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This is a forum, not a chatroom, you have to wait for the answer.

I don't understand a thing, please rephrase. Is it about a bridge with two teleporting Mancubi, a Shell Pack, a SSG, and linedefs that don't work?

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Ok, no prob. You're using DoomBuilder right? Draw a 64-wide square sector around the SSG. Draw two 256x128 rectangular sectors outside the map.
- Click three sectors in this order: bridge, the two outside sectors.
Press J. Now they're joined.
- Place one Mancubus at the end of each outside sector (make sure they don't overlap the walls)
- Draw one line over each outside sector, like this (go into [V]ertex mode and press the right mouse button on a long side of the outside rectangles):

*-----------*         *-----*-----*
|           |         |     |     |
| MM        |         | MM -|     |
|           | becomes |     |     |
*-----------*         *-----*-----*
- Note the dash next to the newly created line. That's how the linedef should look like when you move your mouse over it (press F if it doesn't do). Give it line type 97 WR Teleport and tag it to the sectors where you want your Mancubi to appear.
- Make sure the sectors next to the bridge contain "teleport destination" things.
- Now raise the squares NOT containing Mancubi by at least 25 units.
- Tag them a number. They should be tagged equally.
- Go back to the sector surrounding the SSG. Give each of its four linedefs type "38 W1 Floor Lower to Lowest Floor" and the tag to the outside squares raised by at least 25 units.

I don't know how else, but you have to have shot something in the game before those Mancubi become activated and ready to warp in. They shouldn't be set Deaf/Ambush, BTW.

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printz said:

I don't know how else, but you have to have shot something in the game before those Mancubi become activated and ready to warp in.

You could make it so you are forced to cross through the manc's line of sight (think a minimally high sectorspace with middle texture connecting the hall to their little room). This way you won't have to fire your gun. But it may not work aesthetically for some mappers.

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Put some barrels blocking the entrance to the bridge. Nobody ever, could resist the temptation of blowing them up. That should activate the Mancubus.

I suggest you to look around with your level editor in the teleport room at E1M9, to see how it was done.

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