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Additional Skies for Eternal Doom

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Do any of you know where I could download the three additional skies that could be created using the Eternal Doom exe shell? I can't get the shell or the install to work on my system, so I'm SOL when it comes to using either of them.

I did a search, but didn't get shit for results.

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Aren't they part of the upgrade to eternal 3?

They configure thru the eshell which you know already.
They are, I believe, named:
SEPI3.BMP Image of standard sky, blue sky
UDSKY.BMP Image of Ultimate DOOM based sky
STARS.BMP Image of starry sky

If they are not in your eternal directory I can email them to you. But they should be there. I think I remember from way back they may actually be extracted from one of the eternal 3 upgrade patch wads. (blues.wad?)


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How goes it Searcher?

Yeah, I do have those three .bmp files in the eternal directory, do I just rename them to .wads and use them at the command line?

Sorry for the questions, I'm an imbecile when it comes to the "technical" aspects of Doom.

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Hi Rich, you can try to load them at the command line with your wad, but I am not certain they will work.

Worst case, They may need to be renamed the normal doom 2 sky names. (f_sky1, etc.) then saved as (flats?)in a new wad... but try the command line first with the below wads.

in your eternal directory you should see:
Blues.wad is the blue sky wad.
Stars.wad is the starry sky wad
Ultis.wad is the orange Ult doom sky.
These may not be loadable but they are the wads used in the upgrade patch.

Those wads use those bmps mentioned from above. Worth a shot.

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I tried through a DOS window, but it didn't work. Doesn't matter though, Doug hooked me up with a zipfile that already had the three skies in it.

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