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Oddities in Doom/Doom 2 (probably already brought up before)

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Over the years I've noticed some oddities in both Doom and Doom 2. I've seen some brought up before, but I want to know some things now without searching for them.

Firstly, why is it that the Doom guy has gloves on while carrying all the weapons, but when he has his fists out, he: A.) has a brass knuckle piece (I assume that it is a brass knuckle piece), and B.) why does he not have have any gloves on anymore? I find it strange that the artist forgot to keep continuity in that.

Secondly, is the Doom guy some sort of alien? When you have the Supershotgun (double-barreled shotgun) out and you reload it, he appears to have a third arm. He is holding the gun with his left hand and loads it it with his left hand. Another time the artist forgot about simple continuity.

Lastly, are these sprites all in the game, and where are they from? I know some of them are the fist, shotgun/plasma gun, and pistol hand sprites, but what about the others? (link)


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1) All of the alpha sprites depicted the Doomguy wearing gloves, so it's not an oddity or anything left over from previous versions. Theoretically, the reason why he might not be wearing gloves is that he simply took them off for the occasion and slid a pair of brass knuckles on.

2) The way the Doomguy is holding the combat shotgun is perfectly normal. What you can't see if that he is holding it with both hands, his right hand on the trigger and his left hand on the forestock. When he opens the chamber, he removes his left hand, holding the gun with his right hand, and loads shells with his left hand.

3) Most of those are, yes, but some look as if they are doctored for using the Doomguy's hands with special weapon sprites. If you look around, you'll find alot of wads with new weapons where the Doomguy's hands are edited to hold the weapon correctly.

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Alright thanks for clearing that up for me. I was curious about those for a while now. The combat shotgun thing always bugged me makes sense now.

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The gloves are off!

the gloves are off (informal)
if the gloves are off in an argument or competition, the people involved have started to argue or compete in a more determined or unpleasant way. She gave a second interview later that year but this time the gloves were off. Her ex-boss, she said, was 'a tyrant and a fraud'.

the gloves are off
The serious argument, fight, etc is about to begin.

take off the gloves
Boxing: To attack earnestly, without mercy. Boxing gloves are worn for protection of the boxer's hands and to lessen the impact of the punches; bare-knuckle boxing is much more savage and dangerous. Often used as in the gloves are off, meaning the fight or dispute has escalated.

The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms raises the very interesting contrast to "handle without gloves" or "take off the gloves" to mean harsh treatment, nitty-gritty, down and dirty. They suggest that "handle without gloves" was an antonym arising from "handle with kid gloves"; however, other sources suggest that "take off the gloves" comes from boxing, where the padded gloves soften the blow, so removing the gloves suggests rough treatment.


I had always kind of hoped that the Doomguy fists were a visual representation of the expression "the gloves are off" but I suspect it's just either the practicality of the gloves being off for the knuckle duster to be used or just a continuity mistake.

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