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Often when i exit skulltag, i just get a black screen and nothing! I can move my mouse but that's it, i cant use alt+ctrl+del or anything!

This does not always happen but it does allot (3times today)

I am downloading the latest beta to see if it will help.

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Skulltag doesn't work for me anymore. I launch it and the screen just flashes black bars all over, horizontally.

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kristus said:

Preposterous, they can't help him. DW forums Wads and Mods is where it's at. :O

Kristus knows best. Sure there's an entire section of the DWforums devoted to sourceports, but everyone knows people rarely post in there. The SKULLTAG FORUMS is a no go either. Nobody looks there.

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I don't really care, I play ZDaemon more anyways. I was just expressing my trivial problems with the game.

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