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Another Editing Question

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I've been using Doombuilder for a couple of weeks now. Previously I had used Wad Author for years. I just noticed something. I went to use the Special transfer light to floor edit and I can't find it in Doombuilder.

In Wad Author I'd click om the linedef to bring up the pulldown window giving me all my choices in a tree format. One choice was SPECIAL under which was the Boom and more advanced tricks for editing. There isn't any Special choice on the edit tree in Doombuilder.

I got to be missing something because Doombuilder has to have this stuff, right? Anyone out there that can tell me what's up with this? Maybe I'm overlooking something or I need to download some file or whatever.

Thanks in advance for any help

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First make sure your in a game mode that supports it (ie, ZDoom Doom in Hexen; Boom, etc)

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I checked, no good. When I bring up the options, I get ceiling,crusher,door,exit,floor,lift,light,scroll,stairs,teleport. thats it. no SPECIAL option. Or any other option zdoom and doombuilder as extras. How do I put in these custom monsters I hear people talk about? is the a SPECIAL option as well?

I did what I neded by going back into Wadauthor but that kinda defeats the purpose of learning to work with Doombuilder I would think.

oh well, its late and my brain feels like mush

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I presume you were in Sector Edit mode

Switch to line mode, go to a line with the front side facing the sector with the light value you want to transfer (or just create a dummy sector) and set its action to Transfer Floor Light and set its flags appropriately.

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