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Wow this is messed up

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Ok I followed the Tslxctf wad MAPINFO thing to the letter. Here is the script I use:

map map01 "Skybase"
music skybase1
sky1 sky1
next map02

map map02 "Blood Pit"
music bloodpit
sky1 rsky4
next map03

map map03 "Artic Base"
music articbas
sky1 sky1
next map04

map map04 "Castle Sinyx"
music castlegb
sky1 rsky2
next map05

map map05 "Waste Plant"
music turtles2
sky1 sky1
next map06

map map06 "Infinite Ocean"
music infinite
sky1 rsky1 .50
next map07

map map07 "Water Shed"
music bubble22
sky1 rsky2
next map08

I use this to replace the sky textures really because I use something like 4. Now when I go to test this in doom builder I get this.

Zdoom Fatal Error

SC_GetFloat: Bad numeric constant "next" script MAPINFO

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When stating the sky, even if it isn't scrolling, you have to state the scroll speed. If you want it still, just use something like sky1 sky1 0.0

Also they have to have a zero before them. You can't just do .60 and such. (You also don't need the extra zero at the end)

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thank you that solved the problem! I think I'll submit it to the review board now.

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