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Nightmare Doom

NEDM (Not even Doom Music)

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I think this has never been posted in Doomworld before but this was a fad that was going on in ytmnd since over a year ago, somebody in Orgash.com posted a video of a cat getting burned and later Baron created a ytmnd at the time with the original footage with E1M1 music playing in the background, but later turned into a ytmnd fad known as "NEDM"...




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FYI: Doom is a popular, well-known game even though most people don't post on Doom forums. YTMND fads are similarly popular, even though we don't post them here. I guess what I'm trying to say is: timeline.

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it continually proves that furries find the unfunny as funny especially spawning from a furry's comment and about everyone thinking it is funny don't even know what the hell Doom is.

What happened to real humor?

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