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Overdue Update - "Hypernode" (Name Pending)

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I'd say it's been quite a while since I provided an update on this map of mine.
Since then, I'm getting closer to finishing it, but there are still some areas that I don't know how to incorporate with the rest of the map. I'm also worried about the gameplay being too dull. Perhaps I'm getting burned out of ideas after a year plus of working on it off and on. But I'm not giving up. I mean I finally gave it a working title. Maybe playing a little more KDiZD or something will spark my creativity some.

A few new screens are provided, but these areas may not be at their final stages of development, especially the second screenshot and the highlighted areas on the one of the map.

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Looks great. :)

Being nitpicky as usual, I have a couple of minor suggestions. Feel free to take them or leave them, keeping in mind that they're my humble opinion. :P

In the first shot, the 8-wide extra light border around the floor lights seems unnecessary and I think it takes away from the appearance of the area.

In the last shot, with the blue lights in the ceiling and the diamond-shaped ceiling lights, I think it might look better if you didn't inset the light as much. Right now it looks like it's inset 8 units from the border. Maybe 4 units, or no inset at all, would look better. Since the light is currently at the same height as the surrounding ceiling, it feels less realistic to have the border around it...

Just my two cents. Like I said, it looks great; don't take this too harshly, it's not meant to be.

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Both have been corrected. I think the first one was from a previous idea that I forgot to fix.

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If I may, I have a suggestion for a title. I was gonna use it, but I can think of another one.

Axon Terminal

You like?

I very much like some of the architecture, and I myself am making a smaller map, similar to this. I have no suggestions whatsoever other then name.

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