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Editing in Doombuilder

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OK, I'm going to try this question again.

For years I used WadAuthor to make Doom maps. I have recently, in the last couple of weeks, tried Doombuilder. I'm having a problem locating any, and I mean any advanced features in Doombuilder that I have in WadAuthor.

What I am referring to is editing either lines, sectors or things. Where are the advanced options? All I see are the plain vanilla doom options. I dont even see any Boom options let alone all these advanced features I hear Doombuilder has.

All I can surmise is I am missing files or something but I've searched all over Doombuilder's web site and found nothing to signify that I need extra files. I searched Doomworld's site on editing and nothing about Doombuilder needing additional files to be able to use advanced editing features.

This is getting really frustrating. how can an old editor like WadAuthor let me make scrolling floors, conveyor belts, translucent textures, 3D sectors, transfer lights properties from dummy sectors etc etc and I cant do any of this with Doombuilder.

All Doombuilder will let me make are plain vanilla Doom maps. Something just isnt right here and I cant figure out what I'm missing or need to do.

If anyone even remotely understands what the hell I'm trying to say I would sincerely appreciate some help here. Thanks.

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You need to set the correct game configuration. DB comes with several configuration files by default, including for Boom, but you can also write your own should you feel the need to. To set the game config, choose 'Map Options' from the Edit menu, or press F2. Also note that you need to set the IWAD for each game configuration. DB should guide you through that, or you can set them yourself in Tools->Preferences->Files.

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Thats the same screen that pops up everytime I load up Doombuilder. I was so intent on finding "something" that would give me answers, the "fix" was right under my nose. Man, I really feel stupid. haha

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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