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1.29 RC#6 is out

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Release Candidate #6 for EDGE 1.29 is now out of the lab and ready for testing. This is mainly a bug-fix release, but also includes new sound startup code which tries hard to find a working sound-mode, and options for setting what SDL sound driver to use. This package also contains a Linux binary (note: experimental!).

See the EDGE site for the download link.

Changes since RC#5

+ Sound startup: try hard to find a working sound mode.
Also support for specifying the SDL audio driver,
with new -waveout, -dsound and -audiodriver options.
(The -audiodriver option is followed by the driver name).

+ new object removal code (objects are kept "in Limbo" for three
seconds to allow any playing sound to finish).

+ reworked weapon selection by number key when there are
multiple weapons on the keys.

+ fixed screen wipes (none of them were working), and heavily
reworked the finale code and gamestate transitions.

- re-added AMBIENT_SOUND feature.
- SHOW_CLIP weapons: HUD shows clip divided by ammopershot.
- integrated some patches by Darren Salt.

- fixed ID(K)FA cheats to give every type of ammo, and fill
the clips of clip weapons.

- fixed MUS playback sometimes 'detuning' on Win32.
- fixed chainsaw sound problems.
- fixed fatal assertion when a sound lump doesn't exist.
- fixed ability to play deathmatch with bots.
- fixed some wrong palette problems (skies, HQ2X).
- fixed dummy images (for missing textures/flats/sprites).
- fixed fatal error from Boss-Brain scream.

- emulation for the "AASTINKY" and "AASHITTY" textures.
- EDGE.CFG: removed the redundant okey_xxxx fields.

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