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Mock 2 question

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I have a question about Mock 2's level 41 (the end credits level). Is the series of background sounds (like the super-shotgun) the level's actual theme music or is it a bunch of sounds happening somewhere in the level?

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The following applies to the exact version found in the WAD (I ripped it from the WAD and was listening)

Anything you'd use to play MOD type music files (.it, .mod, .xm, ect)

Side note: I've found that depending on how the player handles certain things, there will be some MIDI sounds used in it as well, which never played in Z* (most ZDooM based ports I've used it with, in other words). It sounds rather familiar when played in a player that supports the added tracks...

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J-selva said:

Thanks. I just happen to have winamp. What is the plugin called?

It should play natively in Winamp unless you unticked the extra codecs during installation.

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