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SLumpEd 0.7

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Copy+paste yay


- Lumps in the lump list are now colour-coded. Red means the lump is currently unsaved and blue means it has been newly created
- 'Restore Lump' could sometimes restore the wrong lump if there was another lump sharing it's name
- Improved JPEG detection
- Option not to force uppercase lump names in wad files
- Greatly improved speed when saving zip files
- slumptemp.wad will no longer appear in recent wads list after opening a wad from within a zip/pk3
- If a recent wad isn't found it is removed from the recent list
- Fixed texture editor crash when a patch isn't found
- Added simple lump type filter for lump list
- Configuration dialog added, finally
- Detection of nonstandard gfx lumps (anything not DoomFlat/DoomGfx/PNG/BMP/JPG) can now be turned off

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How did I never see this proggie before? Looks very cool Slayer :)

/me downloads.

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The issue is that SLumpEd doesn't fill in the remaining unused character spaces with a null character. While it is a bit unusual, this technically isn't incorrect behavior, as the format specifies that after the first null character you're supposed to stop reading. Hence, the lump works in Doom itself and in virtually all other editors. XWE breaks that convention, though, and then ends up actually putting the previously harmless garbage characters into the visible names.

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