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LineDefs and WadAuthor

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I can't seem to find how to give a Lindef a number in wad author. I couldn't understood the help file expect I found little information on Linedefs. Just trying o make ZDoom levels and the Tutorial I'm using uses wad author.

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Nagachief said:

I can't seem to find how to give a Lindef a number in wad author.

Are you referring to a linedef number, a tag number, a sector reference number, or a line ID number? Here are a few pointers:

    1.You cannot alter a linedef number, as this is automatically assigned by the map editor, and is subject to change as other linedefs get deleted. [I suspect that you are not asking about this number, as there is no way to change this in the Map Object Properties dialog box.]
    2. A linedef's tag number is always associated with a special (e.g., opening a door, switching on a light, spawning enemies), and almost always takes the first argument in the special.
    3. A linedef's sector reference number indicates the sector number on the front side or the back side of the linedef. Do not mess with this number until you know how sector referencing works, otherwise you will muck up your map real good.
    4. To assign a line ID number, double click on the linedef to open the Map Object Properties dialog box. Scroll down the Class menu until you see Special. Select this item and scroll down until you see Line_SetIdentification (line). Select this item, and the first field in the Arguments block gets highlighted. Put in a line ID number of your choosing. Press the OK button at the bottom.

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