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KDIZD Monster-Related Issue

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I can't see this as having any relevance in the previous KDIZD topics so I thought I'd post this here (sorry if this has been asked already but I have looked around and found nothing, and I don't particularly want to search through 338 pages worth of stuff on the Zdoom forums...)

I was trying to "summon" all the monsters used in this project. May I say it is very good, I thoroughly enjoyed playing through it and am eagerly anticipating TSOZD (I would contribute but have EXTREMELY low patience and EXTREMELY limited skills with DoomBuilder). But... (obviously a spoiler for those who perhaps haven't played this through)

I managed to figure out what the console calls all the monsters BUT the Demon Cube. What is it called? The Romero-like head would also be helpful though that's not really what I came here for. Thanks alot.

EDIT: I have never needed to make a post about a Doom-related issue before but I can't register onto Zdoom's forums and have found absolutely nothing else regarding this so sorry :S

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