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GAH! Failed key Photoshop.ColorTableFile

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Searched forums found no answer.

Whenever I open XWE (whether its by the EXE or rightclick-->Edit with XWE) I get the following error:

Failed to create key Photoshop.ColorTableFile!

Uninstalled and reinstalled XWE to no avail...

Could this be because of my recent install of Adobe Photoshop?

And if so...why?

Any help whatsoever?

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Permissions issue? just like the "key.wad" issue? A quick search here in this forum will show you some possible answers until someone else comes by.

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I already searched the forums but nothing helped...

EDIT: Turns out the answer was right in front of my nose...sorta...

It turns out the solution to the problem was the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the key.wad issue was...

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