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Where can i get doom animations?

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I want to make a flash movie and use the animations from doom to do that. I mean the death and monster animation and such. Anyone knows were
to get it?

EDIT: Look, i am sorry if i am pissing anyone off it is not what i wanted to do. I will be more careful about what i say and use the edit button more often. I really like doomworld.com and i don't want to do anything that would couse trouble or piss people off. And who is mattbratt11?

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Damn i really need the side animations these are just the front animations!

EDIT: I want the monsters to walk to the sides and i can't do that with just the front animations. :(

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I'm glad someone else uses Unfreez, by far the best gif animator I've ever used.

hardcore_gamer said:

yes but these are just still images. How can i get them to do desired animations?

And if you're making it in flash, you'll need the individual sprites anyway to get the effect.


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hardcore_gamer: I warned you before about making mutliple posts in quick succession, when you should use the Edit button. No more warnings. Next time you do it, bad things will happen.

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hardcore_gamer, everyone's patience is running very thin, also because we can't really discern if you really have no idea what you're writing about, or you're deliberately trying to appear stupid like mattbratt11.

In any case:

Save animation lumps as images -> load them in your favourite gif animator or directly in flash as frames -> it's up to you to set the sequence/timing correctly to get the desired effect.

If you fail to comprehend this, you will earn a FAIL cat pic.

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hardcore_gamer said:

If i export the lumps the program just said: these are not gif images!

Well then I suggest to use GIF images instead BMP, PNG, or JPG. Load your paint program of choice, open your pics, and save them as GIF files, do not rename a .bmp to .gif

I may be wrong, but using animated GIFs will not help you as they move in certain pattern and you should need to create your own sequences for which you'd need the individual frames (may be not, but it'd help you to make it easier and less crapy).

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...so you don't say we are just criticizing you:

Here's the link to the .fla file of this fantastic animation (sound removed to keep the filesize small, put whatever you like in their places):


You can perfectly see how the animation is done if you are half-serious in making Flash animations...seriously, take this chance to learn to make something properly.

And let's not forget...


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You're making a flash movie. You don't need to animate the files in a gif.

Just take the sprite sheet, cut out all the animations you need into equally sized files. Import them into flash.


EDIT: For your amusement

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