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Joining sectors - official engine posibility or modern trick?

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I still using DCK, but it lacks joining sectors feature, which is present in nowadays editors like DB, Slade or maybe i just can't find this in DCK?

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The joining sector feature dates back to DEU, I think.

id's original editor wasn't even sector based, thus couln'd have such a feature. IDBSP reads a text file and builds the sectors along with the other resources from it. If two areas have the same properties and meat at atleast one vertex they become one sector. The steps in the starting room of E1M1 are an example of 3 rectangles connected each by only one vertex beeing one sector.
That's also the reason, stairbuilders have a dummy tag on every second step in the original Doom and Doom II maps. If they weren't there, the entire stair would become one sector.
Also ISBSP can place things only on an 8 units grid.

Also, if id would have made their maps like 10-sectors, which utilizes excessive joining, they wouldn't have implemented the reject table, I guess.

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