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ZDoom stuff

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I am making some levels now, and I don't use any ZDoom effects in it, but is this pointless? I mean is there someone out there who doesn't have ZDoom? Just asking if I should just convert 'em to ZDoom/Hexen format, and maybe add some cool stuff. Other thing is that I'm cheking out all these polyobjects and shit, so I made a sliding door, but now how do I make it to make a sound when it opens?

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If your level will be enhanced by adding ZDooM features, then go ahead and put those features in. I think that most people who still play DooM either have all the source ports, or are willing to use them when necessary.

To get a sound from a polyobject you will need to assign it a sound, via SNDINFO and SNDSEQ lumps. Refer to Rick Clark's tutorials for more info.


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Hello Espi.
If you want to have sound attached to slide door, edit (or create) file SNDINFO (with optional extension; I use .RAW, because I'm inserting new resources to PWADs with NWT 1.3).

EmergencySound ersnd
dstart dstart
drun drun
dstop dstop


This is an example of SNDINFO. The first ambient sound
"EmegencySound" is really an ambient sound, but the "dstart, drun..." are the declarations for the slide door sounds. See that they have not to be declared as ambient sound ($AMBIENT...). The EmergencySound is the logical name and ersnd is the lump in PWAD under the sound is stored.


door 1
playuntildone dstart
playrepeat drun
stopsound dstop

This is SNDSEQ. ":SlideDoor" is the name of the sequence.
"door 1" is the tag (1) to SoundSequence(1) thing in the level editor. You have to put this thing in slide door field.
"Playrepeat dstart" will play sound "dstart" when the door
begin to slide. The sound "drun" follows and will be played in loop until the door reaches the end, then the "dstop" sound is played.

That's it. If you'll have still (or more) troubles with ambient sounds, send me a mail, and I'll send you my ("detailed") tutorial for ambient sounds.

I hope this will help you. :)

Email: melloun@email.cz

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I'd recommend not converting to zdoom only, unless it will make a fundamental difference to your level. Leaving it as pure doom, or failing that boom, gives you the widest audience possible.

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