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Titanium Tide 1024 - Gold Edition!!

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Titanium Tide 1024 - Gold Edition! - [2.31 mB]

The original map is from Sabbat Martyr DeathMatch and is meant for Dueling, mostly. The basic premise for the map at the time of conception was to see if I could make a suitable DM styled map with only 1024 x 1024 of pixel space to work with. It turned out to be a duel map due to the size limitations, but it looked pretty good. I was fairly surprised when I heard that it was a somewhat popular duel map, so I was pretty happy about that. The idea to update the map came from what I think is the biggest fan of the map, Goblin. He suggested some item placement changes, and after a quick brainstorming session between the two of us (more like a "compromise", actually), we came up with some suitable updates to the map. However, I have completely changed the texture pallete of the map...and I'm quite pleased with out it turned out. If your interested, you can check out the changes made to the map at the bottom of this readme.

How about instead of going to the "bottom of this readme" you just look right here:

<Titanium Tide 1024 - Gold Edition!>

- Replaced the Grenade Launcher with the Karasawa.
- Replaced the SSG with the Rocket Launcher.
- Replaced the SG with the SSG.
- All players now start with a SG.
- Increased the ZHeight of the High Jump rune so its mildly harder to obtain.
- Replaced the Strength rune with the Rage rune.
- Added two more player DM starts.
- Added a chainsaw at the exit switch.
- Changed the music.
- Added a new Large Font.
- Added one more Medkit.
- Added more Max Health Bonuses.
- Completely changed the entire texture pallete.
- Added more detail (because Mech says why the hell not!!!1).
- Just, overall, made it about 25 more kinds of kick ass.

<Original Map (shipped with SMDM.wad and sbbtmrtr.wad>

- Released on March 22nd, 2007.
Please note that this is a STANDALONE .wad...you do not need Sabbat Martyr to play it (though if you don't already have SMDM, I'm going to stab with with an ink pen). It uses a chunk of the resources from SMDM though...but again, its a stand along map :-D

If you want to play Titanium Tide 1024, please use this version intead of the version in Sabbat Martyr Deathmatch. Thanks, and I hope you guys enjoy the update!!

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Thanks ^^

I believe there's a Skulltag server up, temporarily anyways. Be sure to check it out if you have the time.

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Holy Hell this looks sweet. I'll have to give this a play through sometime!

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Kirby said:

Holy Hell this looks sweet. I'll have to give this a play through sometime!

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