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What stuff is missing?

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Could anyone post here, what stuff is missing, for a complete freedoom?
Replacing the originals might be rather simple, even if making better versions needs to be made later. But then, we would have a complete freedoom.


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Firstly, the main thing missing is monster sprites.

These monsters are completely missing: CYBERDEMON, SPIDER_MASTERMIND, PAIN_ELEMENTAL, HELL_KNIGHT (though the hell knight will eventually be a recolored Baron).

These monsters only have place-holders: ARCH_VILE, CHAINGUNNER, SS_NAZI.

The BARON_OF_HELL is there but not yet colored.

The LOST_SOUL is missing death frames.

Secondly, Freedoom lacks a lot of sounds (especially for monsters).

Thirdly, Freedoom is missing levels for the IWADs.

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If there isn't one already, I have a concept for the Archvile (in my case calling him a "necromancer") if whoever is doing this wants to see, you could do it like that and save me the agony of doing my own work for once... :b

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