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Doodling in Doom Builder, incomplete wad inside/input needed. (DOOM 1)

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http://georgheissmann.googlepages.com/what.wad - E2M1

Essentially, I got this far before I got frustrated with mapping and gave up. That was a few months ago. However, I am thinking about moving it to E3 and finishing it up. I do, however, request some outside input since I don't know what to do with the three rooms I already have mapped.

Room 1: Entry area. I think this turned out ok, but I think it needs.... something.

Room 2: Hell-ish "Sanctuary". I'm not going to lie about it: it sucks. but I just.... don't know what should be there.

Room 3: Courtyard. Battlements and a stream of blood. Mostly complete, aside from some touch-up stuff. As you can see, I want it to "pipe into" another room of some sort, but i'm still deciding on what I want there.

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Every mapper faces mappers block from time to time. I like to play maps when I have it.

Some of my favorite maps help to remind me of "elements" in the maps that I like. (traps, structures, etc.) That gives me ideas about maybe adding a sort of somewhat similar element in my map.

More than anything it is that new inspiration that helps me get over the hump.

Also check out wads in progress to see what others are doing. It might inspire you.

Edit: typo

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Does this maybe not work with zdoom or something? I get a wad with new sounds but idclev'd to all the levels and they were the standard doom 2 levels.

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While the level is structrually good, that shotgun firing doesn't sound natural. I like the theme, finish this up!

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I forgot about those sounds. They were originally added by me as a joke of sorts, as I thought the map was going to look like a 1994 .wad but i'll remove those in the next "update", whenever the fuck that is.

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