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bot creating

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Can someone refer me to a good program for making bots, not like how in ZDaemon where you just pick a name, color, voice, and statistics. But like how I can make one so it isn't afraid to go in water, acid, and stuff (like the GZDoom bots are) but still can join multiplayer games.

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Bots don't get in water, because they were coded to behave like cats instead human players. To fix this, open your bot entry and repalce "cat" with "human".

Now serious, bots love to get stuck, specialy in slime pits, so changing that part of their AI would just make them easier, and less human.

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Vegeta is definitely right there, I use a lot of bot programs for various FPS (cuz I don't have internet at home) and bots getting stuck/confused in various fluids is one of the commonest glitches/bugs I've seen.

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