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Option for an alternative Flat/Texture mix sort

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Currently, when Doom Builder mixes the flat and texture resources, they are just jumbled together and listed alphabetically. All that I am asking for is an option to keep the flats and textures from jumbling together and instead have (if you are selecting a texture) the textures listed alphabetically first, then the flats. Or if one is choosing a flat, have the flats come first followed by the textures. Of course this wouldn't affect the game configs where flats and textures aren't mixed. Thank you for your ever continuing time and effort CodeImp!

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I would like this too. It can sometimes be very tedious to find a specific flat/texture if you cant remember its name.

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I agree with what doom2day said.

One other thing I would like to see is a fullscreen texture browsing window when your not in 3D mode. If there's a way to make it fullscreen outside of 3d mode, I would like to know how.

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