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Proposal : Demo Exchange

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It's simple, I put a lot of effort into (hopefully) making scimitar.wad good for demoing, but alas after the first week or three (we're talking last november here) the demo rate dropped off and nothing happened.

On the other hand I spent some time downloading random wads from the archive to try and run myself, with little happy finds.


1. I've got a wad i'd like to see some people put together a demo pack for (speed and max at least, pacifist should be technically possible on all but the final map)

2. I'm looking for a similar sized/scoped set of maps (uv maxable in < 5 mins) to run myself

anyone out there in a similar situation? or two/six people? We could put together a demo pack wad "pool" or some such.

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Well, I could record something when I have some free time and that's maybe after a week or so.

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I think the best way to encourage renewed demo interest in your wad would be to record some demos yourself. Perhaps show off a few tricks that have so far gone undetected, or record in some categories that you thought would be fun on particular maps.

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