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OBLIGE 0.94 Released

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Announcing the 0.94 release of OBLIGE, my random level generator for DOOM and other games.

Link: http://oblige.sourceforge.net

During development I came to the conclusion that the current algorithms are the wrong way to do things, and that a big rewrite of OBLIGE's level-building code is urgently needed. So I'm releasing this version as-is, even though some things are broken (notably the monster closet traps).

This version will occasionally abort the map-building process with an error message, for example saying it cannot place a stair in a room. This is symptom of the messed up level-building code and another reason why the rewrite is necessary. The only workaround is to try a different SEED value.

This release is the first one to support Wolfenstein-3D, and will probably be the last one too, because (a) I'm not as big a fan of the game as I thought I was, and (b) Oblige will likely evolve away from the 64x64 block system to dealing with linedefs/sectors directly.

Many thanks to Dittohead and JohnnyRancid for making numerous prefabs for OBLIGE

Thanks also to everyone, in particular DoomJedi, who provided feedback and ideas, etc...

BTW the Linux package will be uploaded later today.

Changelog for 0.94:
+ new prefab system.
+ new theme system for more consistent levels.
+ different sized rooms.
+ greatly improved Hexen support.

- new adjustments for level size and puzzles.
- adjustments for deathmatch games.
- secret areas and levels.
- balconies.

- experimental Wolfenstein-3D support.
- later levels get progressively harder.
- slightly better Heretic maps.
- more DOOM themes.

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I will be interested to see your new approach for generating levels. I hope it's a little more visually interesting than the way SLIGE did it...

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I'm interested as well. I like these kind of projects, especially the "intelligence" design in the program. Perhaps you could write a technical document that describes your methods on a high level. I would like to read that (I don't feel like digging into the source code).

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CodeImp said:

Perhaps you could write a technical document that describes your methods on a high level.

For the next release I probably will, because I want to really nail it and get a system that does everything I want and prevents all the problems that the current code exhibits.

There is already a good description of the quest system, in the file "doc/Quests.txt" in the source package. (Some of the other files in the doc/ folder just contain out-of-date ideas).

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very well made.
i love the program. It works really well for the psp doom, (i just hope for a better port for the psp, more like a zdoom support) actually its perfect....
one ? tho.
Does this spawn any cyber demons?
i randommed a set of maps and did see any cyberdemon.

I love this program i give it a 10/10....

Note- im not a designer but for maybe a future project for you on a new version of this, have it generate maps in zdoom (doom in hexen format) maps.... add some real spice to it lol.
was just a thought lol. not a demand or request =D

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