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Hellish Godzilla

Trying to track down a Doom2 WAD

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I could use some help in trying to track down a certain WAD for Doom 2. I checked the idgames archive, but couldn't find it. The file was called PAIN, and the level took place in a hellish outdoor area, with a forest of stealth demons near the end. All I remember about the author is that he was (apparently) banned from Doomworld a few years ago. I remember I had also found a link to download it, but it was dead. If someone could point me in the right direction and/or provide a link to download it, I'd appreciate it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I searched for it on Google too. Didn't find it.

EDIT 2: Does anyone have Darkhaven's email address? He made the WAD and I checked his profile, but it seems I'm not allowed to send him email via Doomworld.

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It does, somewhat. It's definitely the level I'm looking for, but the download link there is dead. If someone is able to upload the WAD to Rapidshare or provide me with DarkHaven's e-mail, either one would be immensely helpful.

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Ok, sry, didn't check that. You're best bet would to hope that someone here has it lying around on their harddrives. Good luck from here, m8! :)

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