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Tnt wadfile. This WILL work.

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Here is a new wadfile for Tnt.wad.


MAP01. This is a good map, and one I like to play.

The darkness.wad has some problem with the blockmap I will give up on that one. I am better with the standard Doom textures. And I got a proper file host. You need Zdoom for my decorate monsters.


For the Doomworld people here is a Yadex 1.7.0 rpm

for OpenSuse Linux. With the preview patch merged in.


Might want this for the utilities page they still have v 1.5...


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heh,on that yadex topic:

i have a version of yadex on my harddisk with (almost) complete support for zdoom (includes a decorate parser and the ability to set flats as textures and vice versa). This one also has the preview patched in,so if anyone would like to give it a try,message me.

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Much much better! I liked it.

The only thing I'd suggest would be adding some more ammo to the large outside area with teleporting monster horde, and the squad of cyberdemons.

Then again, the cyberdemons offer a bit more ammo as well.

Nice map!

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Nice map agreed. I think there's enough ammo. If you go to the right from the start in the room with the plasmagun. From there you can enter a room with a spider and some barons and some ammo. I did rely on monster kill though in the big area. It took me 40 minutes to complete but I didn't know the map. (only the first part from previous runs) on uv.

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Yeah, my only gripe about the ammo stash room is that it's really outta the way. Especially when you need to snag a back pack to make better use of the ammo in said room.

I think it should be spread out a bit more.

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Played thru this map early today.

As pointed out by ragnew, I would suggest either adding a bit more ammo to the area with the gigantic teleporting monster horde or spread it out more so one doesn't have to go back to that huge stash near the beginning of the level as often.

That being said, I still liked this level. Great job!

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