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Big collection of DOOM stuff spotted in a Swedish "ebay-clone"-page

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To clarify things, it is not me that is selling.
I'm just thinking like "if I was just outbid and can't afford to go higher, then I'll let the world in on it".

Anyway, the seller writes that he (assuming it's a he)
can ship internationally. The list of stuff included is

Many versions of the DOOM game itself for varios platforms.

The DOOM novel set (4 books)

Ulitmate DOOM and DOOM III poster.

DOOM III T-shirt size L

DOOM minature metal figurines, unpainted.

The current bid is 800 SEK, that's about 120 USD.

I would sure like to have all these games and stuff myself.
But as of now I can't afford to go higher. Now it's your turn.

Link is here

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The only thing on there that I don't have is DooM for the GBA, and all the gaming stores by me do not have any copy's left... :( Of course I could just order that on e-bay but I'm being lazy :P I really do not use my GBA much (BTW I think my daughter lost it some were in her room)

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The only thing worth buying would be the Doom Books, but since I have all four old versions, and all four of the new versions, I don't think anything would be worth buying.

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Doom miniatures? From the Doom3 board game or the originals? If originals, do you know where they can be found?

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