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the iron hitman

New map in progress

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Hello. Im looking for critics/beta testers (not yet though for the beta testing) for a first thought on an unfinished map. Any critisicm is welcome. The statistics are :-

2340 vertices
2822 linedefs
4697 sidedefs
and 593 sectors

here are some screenies:-


NOTE: THIS MAP IS NOT FOR SKULLTAG. yes they were taken in there only because i converted the maps format, but for some reason there is many bugs in it.....i'll need to fix those for players to enjoy a bit of co-op or CTF. For now, this map is for ZDOOM only. Havent tried it with GZDOOM, but i'll point out if this will be a ZDOOM map :D

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Looks like a typical Doom 2 level, as I see them, which means colourful texturing, wide spaces, not too complicated height variation. All in all, nice gameplay.

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Thanks guys. And printz. Can i ask something? Could i do anythinbg to make it less doom 2-like and maybe a bit more run-n-gun action like everyone likes? haha

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