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Bug on map05 @ doom2.wad

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Strange... what causes it?

I noticed that if you don't open that first door that you open in the demo, it doesn't happen.

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Wow, a very interesting find. I think I've found an explanation for it.

A quick look at the map in an editor shows that both the blue armor and the rocket/shell/cell rooms behind the malfunctioning doors have a tag of 9 - which is shared by the initial door. That door is tagged (and opened) with a "SR Door Open (stay)" linedef.

The two aforementioned rooms are affected by this linedef, but are only adjacent to the closed doors. When the linedef is activated and they try to function as a door and "open", it malfunctions and the ceilings instantly lower to meet the ceiling of the doors. If you IDCLIP after opening the initial door, you'll see that the rooms' ceilings and floors are now at the same height. Because of this, the doors don't open.

The reason this doesn't occur in a normal game is because there are usually monsters standing in these rooms. Just as a normal door jumps up if there's a monster standing underneath it, the same occurs in this situation. If you IDCLIP and kill the monsters first, though, the bugs still functions as it does in -nomonsters.

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Silly Doom2 and its bugs.

One example: those monster pits in the final room of map28 would confuse new players who try to walk over those spots because they'll get hit from seemingly nowhere, but even better is that in lower skills, those pits are empty... meaning you could fall in and not be able to figure out why you were stuck if you were a new player.

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