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A Palette Question

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Here's another thing that has been on my mind...

When I go through and take screen shots of models from a model editor, size them down and apply the DOOM palette, I always end up with a few pixels on the edge that are always 1 of 2 shades of green and always out of place.

What I am wondering is if it is possible to merely load up the DOOM palette, edit it so that the 2 shades of green are the translucent BLUE color, then apply that new palette to the images, thus taking care of the green sprite problem.

Then afterwards you could re-apply the original DOOM palette if needed.

I would think this would work, but I am wondering where I can find a simple Palette Editing program to do this with.


Again I should have looked right under my nose. There is one ins PSP and this method works GREAT and saves and ass load of time when used in conjunction with Sprite Maker. All I had to do was load up a few images, find all the shades of green that were appearing as garbage, changed the color value to: #00E1E1

Saved the palette, and that's that, I no longer have to go through and edit every freaking image, save for those who use the colors that are also causing garbage which is rare thankfully!

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