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the iron hitman

Beta testing anyone?

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Hi. Anyone fancy a bit of beta tesing a near complete map?


Whats that i hear you say? Screenshots? Here they are:-


Download it here:-


Tell me what you think!!

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Rapidshare.com said:

Thank you for your upload. Remember that only those people are able to access your files knowing the exact link.

The link is not the link to the file. Please update it.

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I'm going to be as nice as possible... I'm going to tell you the Pros and Cons... starting with the Cons. You have a lot of beginners mistakes.

Cons Overview (in no order):

  • Textures unaligned
  • Cramped elevators
  • No exit
  • Boring architecture
  • Uninspiring gameplay
  • Everything not alligned to any grid
  • Everything diagonal
  • All floors look odd due to the diagonals
  • PSX Doom/Doom 64 Sounds (personal)
Cons specific:
-There is a Cacodemon in one of the rooms (the only room where the Cacodemon is alone, it has some debris on the floor, that's what cause the bug to happen) that shoots towards you, but his bullets dissapear and do not harm you.
-The elevator toward the end leading up to the room with the ropes on each side and red walls is too small and you cannot pass it without running forward while waiting for it to go up. Also you cannot go back down once it is up.
-There is a "trap" where these platforms lower, but it cannot be considered a trap since the monsters lowered are Zobiemen. Well it can, but it's not really posing any threat. Especially since you already have the SSG.
-There is not enough ammo towards the end.
-There is not enough health towards the end (but it really isn't needed as you almost never go below 75 life, but I'm saying this because there was no health laying around anywhere)
-Gameplay is bland and boring, no fights are hard or in anyway difficult. Add bigger monsters.
-The theme jumps around a lot. What is the theme exactly?
-The architecture is all over the place and needs to be alligned to a grid as stated earlier.
-There is no considerable detail until close to the end, perhaps patch up the earlier areas with some detail.
-One thing I noticed is that in some areas some of the textures were aligned (to some degree), while right next to it, the same exact detail on the wall is unaligned.
-Add some better weapons.
-Make some secrets more noticeable, without giving them away completely.
-This does not help at all, but I remember seeing a HOM somewhere.
-One of the Doors has an awkward texture near it's top that did not fit the surrounding textures. In fact most doors do. Also, try changing the text of the bottom of the door to match the texture of the where the door meets the top.

Pros (in no order):
  • Used a monster from the Monster Resource Wad (Pro to me)
  • Some areas look good, as good as "good" can be.
  • Linearality was alright.
Eh, didn't turn out nice at all, but keep trying! One day you'll be better!

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Antidote said:
Cons, cons, cons, cons...
Eh, didn't turn out nice at all, but keep trying! One day you'll be better!

Ouch. Maybe I'll avoid playing this one.

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@the iron hitman

I imagine that this is your first serious map. It somewhat reminded me of the map design of the '90s.
Obviously you spend quite some time on this map. There are some really nice areas. Granted there are
some omissions in detail and fluidity of gameplay, as mentioned above, but it did not turn out bad at all.

Keep up the good work.

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Do you mean that the wad is now for Doomsday or that you are now working on another wad for for Doomsday?

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no, im now working on a seperate wad for doomsday, but will be compatible with most ports, zdoom, gzdoom, doomsday, doom2, vanilla doom etc (not sure about vanilla as ive never tried it)

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