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Witch doctor no likey quarters

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'World Heroes' Mud Man mini action figure, with Spirit Helper and mask accessories, that I sculpted/modeled over the weekend:

I was looking at the date of the last time I updated my SNK fan art page while I was adding the link for this figure, and noticed that this is the first SNK-related artwork I've done since 10/5/05. I can remember, years ago, when SNK fan art was pretty much all I produced . . .

For comparison purposes, below are several images of Mudman from various media. The first photo, on the left, shows several of his spirit helpers, joining Mudman in a dance attack on the unfortunate Hanzou (taken from the SNES version of 'World Heroes 2'). The second, on the right, is the black and white illustration of Mudman from the Game Boy 'World Heroes 2: Jet' instruction manual. The third, and last image, on the bottom, is the artwork of Mudman from the SNES 'World Heroes 2' instruction manual.

Website with more information (dimensions, materials used, background, etc):


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Thats pretty cool, especially considering its size.
Once again, wicked work.

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Really good replica of Mud Man. I would never of thought it was that small either! Fantastic work.

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nice. I love the amount of detail you can work in to something som small. I used to LOL at world heroes though. thought it was a cheap-o version of street fighter.

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