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Searching for a Megawad

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Some dude did a 32 level replacement, maybe inside the last two years, I liked this one but because of the dude's attitude iirc it didn't got good reviews. I liked it because after going through some industrial teritories you go to human like well done structures like cities, stadium and then forests, at the end castles and there are addons for monsters and weapons and items. You know, the items like bottles with rats or flies, molotov, health bottles, armor pieces and several power ups which you choose in the item list. It's quite known when it was out, I can't remember the title and can't find it in my new HD now, and it didn't made it in Best WADs of 2006 iirc. There was a lot of disagreement whether it ruled or sucked but I liked it. Help me find the title of it!

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