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the iron hitman

Unusual black lines in 3d mode :S

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the iron hitman said:

This is probably a very dumb thing to say, but why do i get weird black lines in my map when i enter 3d mode? Its the odd area and always seems to point to certain vertices.


that screenshot link is what im talking about

IIRC, CodeImp always answered it is an error of nodebuilders, but it is an error in DoomBuilder of course, because only its renderer can't handle some things correctly

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Well I remember opening up Entryway to show to a friend how Doom's come along, and there's black lines all over the very first room the player sees. So its probably nothing horrendous.

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yeah...only horrendous when your playing with jdoom and the black lines show up :S i dont mind it in doombuilder, but when it happens in jdoom, it makes the detail look terrible.

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