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Doom Noob

Adding monster to my wad

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Hi all,

I found a nice monster in the Monster Rescource wad so I want to put it in my wad..

But if I copie the Sprites into my wad then the map screwes up I dont know why.. Can somebody explain me good how to put a monster into my wad.


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Doom Noob said:

But if I copie the Sprites into my wad then the map screwes up I dont know why..

Can you please provide details on how exactly the map screws up, i.e., what error messages you get, whether you can run the map at all, etc?

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I can tell you that every sincle sector I created a line is.. the hole map are just 100 lines crossing eyother very weird...
Its just a Fatal error or something

But i think thats because i do something wrong with adding monsters in my wad.. can you explain me how you always add monsters to your wad?

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You copy the DECORATE lump (If its zDoom, which the Monster Resource wad is), or the DEHACKED lump, or whatever neccessary lump.

Sometimes certain authors create seperate DECORATE lumps, because they can all stack and not overwrite each other like DEHACKED, so you don't have to open the DECORATE lump and erase a whole bunch of text you don't need.

You can take a look at the DECORATE lump to be sure which part of it you want to keep, so if there's a like a shiny green monster, and you see this "Actor Shinygreenthing" you can try typing "Summon Shinygreenthing" (Or basically "summon <whatever you want> in the console, in ZDoom, to be sure if its the monster you want. The code works such like

Actor <name> : <Some shit you don't want to care about now>
      More contents
Anything beyond that "}" is good for removal. However, remember, if it shoots missiles at you, make sure to keep the missile code too.

Then you can go select all the sprites you want and copy and paste them into your wad, or save them and load them.

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