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glBSP 2.24 Released

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I'm pleased to announce that glBSP version 2.24 is now available to partition all your binary spaces. This is mainly a bug-fix release, but will likely be the very last one too, since the code is pretty stable now and it's time for me to move on.

Summary of the changes in 2.24:

  • more robust level name detection
  • abbreviations for all the command-line options
  • fixed some potential crashes / buffer overflows
  • reduced default blockmap limit to 16000
  • new TRICKS.txt document describing various map tricks
  • better logic for 'One-Sided Windows', disabled by default
  • new libglbsp flag to ignore self-referencing linedefs
  • improved directory layout, consolidated makefiles
The glBSP webpage is at: http://glbsp.sourceforge.net

Downloads: http://glbsp.sourceforge.net/download.php

More detailed ChangeLog:

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Thanks for all your work on glBSP over the years Ajapted. glBSP has indeed matured to be quite stable, and as such it has become my first (and only) choice for GL node building.

What do you plan to do now (concentrate on EDGE and for kicks; OBLIGE maybe)?

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I think it is worth clarifying that glbsp builds normal nodes as well as GL nodes.

I can recall numerous occasions when I have suggested it to people who have had problems building nodes (e.g. on large and complex maps - in my experience it does a very good job in such cases). Several times it turned out that they hadn't even considered glbsp, assuming it was GL-only.

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Very nice! I use glBSP to build the GL nodes in my Bloodmasters maps and soon also in Bloodmasters 2 (working title). What are you moving on to? Another game related project? Doom related perhaps?

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leileilol said:

wish you did quake map output though :(

Isn't mewse working on a converter for you guys?

DaniJ said:

What do you plan to do now?

Concentrate on OBLIGE. For example, I'm thinking about a UI to allow users to create the rough plan of a map, and Oblige will flesh it out and create the fully working map. Could be very useful for quickly prototyping map ideas.

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