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Secret door problems

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I've been trying to dream up a way for the player to enter a secret area, but to cut a long story short, there is not enough space in the room to put an extra hidden switch/door and the fact that two sectors are directly joined leaves no room for in between measures.

ANYWAY... I settled upon the player shooting a linedef (GR Door Open Stay) which opens the sector shown below.

Here it is before the secret is triggered:


Here's how I want it to look after secret is triggered:


Here's how it actually looks after secret is triggered :(


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A door raises always 8 bellow the lowest neighboring ceiling. You need a raise ceiling special for this.
If this is supposed to be a vanilla map, you're out of luck, as there is no G1-triggered raise ceiling special, but only W1.

You could add a sector with a higher ceiling between the "door"-sector and the surroundings, though.

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raise ceiling is a door, no matter the size or shape of it.. And the most common g1 (gun) use is for a door. You could use reference sectors to raise it a little or a lot if needed.

A door raises I am pretty sure to 4 below the closest adjoining ceiling.

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I just settled on lowering the entire rooms floor. Not as cool as what I had in mind but that's what I get for doing vanilla maps.

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