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Feature request: context menu/shell integration.

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As per thread title. AFAIK, the only tool having at least some extension-based shell integration is Doombuilder, while it would make much more sense for a WAD editor to be able to load WADs on double click.

Also, the "feature" of remembering the last WAD opened could be enhanced if it didn't return an error message if said WAD cannot be found any longer, for whatever reason.

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I'm not quite sure about your first request. Why would you think Doombuilder is the only tool that has extension-based shell integration? You mean if you right-click a WAD file, there's a command that's associated with it? XWE had that since the beginning. (Has it really been 6 1/2 years? But that's besides the point.) It doesn't set the "Edit with XWE" command as the default (which would probably be a bit intrusive). Originally, XWE defaulted to associating itself with every extension it could handle, but quite a few users complained about this behavior. Now it's optional. I personally have a ton of commands associated with WAD files (the default one launches it in ZDooM), I was under the assumption that most doomers do the same. Anyway, if you could clarify what you're looking for maybe I can add it.

The second suggestion is a good one, I added this (grab the latest beta). If the last opened WAD was gone, XWE didn't behave very nicely. Now it doesn't complain, just displays that it could not open the file in the status bar.

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Hmm...my bad, for some reason I thought XWE couldn't open WADs by right clicking on them....however now I remembered what I really meant to ask: drag&drop functionality.

I wouldn't go as far as asking for full OLE/clipboard integration yet (like discerning image/sound/text data and translating this into sprites, graphics, sound effects or music), but at least being able to open WADs by drag and drop would be nice.

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