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ShadowCaster Support Request/Suggestion

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As far as I know, there are no tools out there that are able to read or edit ShadowCaster's resources, except for a couple of basic savegame editor. It seems that game did not get the success that it deserved, in my opinion (the shapeshifting was a great gameplay mechanism, and it featured a hub system even before Doom was released!).

The files for the game's demo can be found here. I can also provide the full game's files (the floppy disc version, which I bought long ago; but I do not own the CD version). It's found here but the archive is password-protected (PM me for the password if you want to work on them). (The file is no longer available: time out. In the absence of interest, I'm not reuploading it unless asked to...) The game doesn't run in XP, of course, but DOSBox seems to be perfectly able to run it smoothly.

I have looked at the files myself, but I don't have experience with reverse engineering of files except for modifying given values with a hex editor -- recognizing data lumps and extracting them is beyond my skills. All I was able to determine was that the data is apparently put in three files: RAVDATA.DAT, SHADOW.LIB and SHADOW2.LIB (because the full game's libs can't run with the demo's dat, and vice-versa). The

It seems also that the savegames may help understanding the map format, as each save directory contains one file per level of the current "hub" in addition to the game.sav file with the inventory and player statistics.

A list of embedded .voc, .map and .xmi file names can be found in RAVEN.EXE (around offset 66012, starting with drain01a.voc and ending with telprt.xmi). I think the xmi and voc files are standard which could make finding them easier (anybody knows these formats' headers?), .map files are probably similar-but-different to Wolfenstein's. SHADOW.LIB contains a similar list toward the end, and SHADOW2.LIB contains a possibly more interesting list because each name isn't separated merely by a 00, but by a series of bytes which may be offsets. SHADOW2.LIB also seem to be the one containing the musics, if I interpret correctly the "FORM XMIDINFO" tags that occur throughout most of the file.

That's about all I was able to find, and I'm afraid the Net doesn't contain more information anywhere.

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