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Unfortunate Knowledge


"Audio log 01656, Thomas Simmons. June 23, 2149. Two thirty five PM. I received two packages today. Crates, really. They arrived just under an hour ago from the facilities on Deimos. A Dr. Otaku sent them. I've never heard of him before, but he seems to know at least of me, though I don't know how. It appears that he wants my assistance on a project he is working on. I'm not sure what he is working on, but for him to have sent two crates… to tell the truth, I don't trust him. Not until I know more at least."
"They took the crates to the security facilities upon my request. One of the military's security teams will scan them to make sure the contents are safe. I don't see any reason why someone would send anything radioactive or explosive, but I don't see why anyone would send research equipment without prior notice either. I can't seem to remember any time in the past that scientists from Phobos and Deimos have worked together without one team moving to the facilities of the other. Maybe things will clear up a little when I get a look inside the crates."
"If this situation checks out, then I will have to put a hold on project Mil-2O3c1sp8E. I don't like the thought of dropping the project so suddenly, but I don't see what else I can do. Well, come to think of it, Dr. Torvalde recently finished the project he and his team had been working on. Perhaps, if he's not too far along on his next project, he could pick up sp8E…"


"Audio log 00197. June 23, 2149. Three… eleven PM. Doctor Noboyuki Otaku speaking. I have sent the necessary equipment for setting up a station for project Mil-3O9b1mp5T on Phobos. It is still missing the programs needed to run the hardware, but I will send those after the base equipment is initialized. I wasn't sure exactly what machines the scientists on Phobos had access to, so I sent some spare scanning equipment. In the end it took two boxes instead of just the one. In all luck we should be able to start testing by tomorrow."
"The Commander Davies was very hesitant about involving any more UAC personnel than necessary. I assured him that only my team of five already knew, and that I had instructed Doctor Simmons, in my message to him, to take no more than four assistants, the fewer the better. He was still unsatisfied with this, and told me that only I and Doctor Simmons may have full knowledge of mp5T's nature. Honestly, if he is so concerned about 'civilians' working on military studies, maybe he should have military scientists doing the studying."
"Today we tested the machines on a number of inorganic items such as pens, wrenches, books, and an old com screen. I am proud to say that the went through with no problems. Once or twice the objects were turned to a different angle when the reached the return chamber. A minor problem, surely. Tomorrow, I'll have Doctor Edson test a few small organic bits though chambers three and four. Maybe a potted plant or two. I would like to wait until I can test chamber five with Doctor Simmons before sending any test animals through…"

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This just keeps getting better and better! How many more installments till we see the events of Doom?
Oh yeah, and could you comment on my story? It's called Castle of the Damned, and it's a few posts above this one, I think. I personally think it's good writing, but strangely, nobody's said anything about it.
Anyways, though, good work man, just keep it up! :)

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