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Doom 2 Demons - 3D W.I.P

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Vegeta said:

Look great!

This may be stupid to ask, but couldn't these be used in Freedoom if converted to sprites? While inspired they aren't clones of the originals. Also some of them could be great addition as extra monsters in normal DOOM.

And in case you think sprites based on models look like crap, just look at this

I had used models in the past to render sprite works like you suggested, and while I could do that I wont be. As much as I still love and play Doom it's antiquated. Even with the numerous facelifts it has been given it's still very old tech. The purpose of my making these models (and possibly using them in a mod) is to use it in a portfolio. Unfortunately Doom mods would not look very impressive in a portfolio due to it being so outdated.

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Oh by the way in case anyone is interested I posted a mesh update on post one. Been absent a while due to travel and I only just got to work on my model some more.

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that revenant is starting to shape up nice. I think the brow ridge should be a little more pronounced and rounded, if possible. the shoulder guns look pretty sweet. keep it up.

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printz said:

I hope these models are introduced in a Doom TC for another game.

What I was thinking about when I read that was a "remastered" version of that Doom Classic mod for D3.

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I just wanted to say that these are still fantastic and awesome. Anymore progress lately?

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